Unlocking Your Resilience Through Faith with Daniel Fusco

We all experience times of fear, worrying, suffering, and stress through life. Sometimes it can last a day, weeks, months, seasons, or even years. But the bottom line is life was never meant to be easy or joyful at all times. However, we can shorten these tough times in our lives by becoming more resilient today, my guest shares from a faith based lens on how we can become more emotionally and spiritually resilient, even when it seems impossible. 

Daniel Fusco grew up in a nominal Catholic family, and never heard much about Jesus. Because of faithful people sharing with him the truth about who Jesus is, he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1998 while he was in his last year at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

He employs what some describe as a unique style of teaching. He likes to take the timeless truths of Scripture and make them easily accessible and applicable for men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. He also gets to host the Real. with Daniel Fusco TV show and the Jesus is Real Radio Ministry, featuring messages on TV and radio stations across the country.

He loves to write and is a featured contributor to “Preaching Today,” and has published articles with Leadership Journal, pastors.com, and Calvarychapel.com. He has written numerous books, Ahead of the Curve (2011), Honestly: Getting Real About Jesus and our Messy Lives (2016), Upward, Inward, and Outward: Love God, Love Yourself, Love Others (2017), Crazy Happy (2021), Stories that Jesus Told (2022), & You’re Gonna Make It: Unlocking Resilience when Life is a Mess (2022).. All books are available at Amazon.com.

He has taught at churches, retreats, youth rallies, leadership seminars, seminaries, college campuses, and pastor’s conferences both in the States and abroad.

He is married to Lynn. They live with their three children and a crazy dog in Southwest Washington.

What You’ll Learn

6:40 Interview Begins

15:22 Being Real

For Daniel Fusco, being resilient is about being real and knowing that we all have some kind of mess. But it depends a lot on how we see things, how we react to them and know that we see them with different eyes, but all these can be corrected or adapted, that’s where resilience comes in to change to better habits or ways of seeing life that will benefit you and those around you.

22:57 The Resilience Equation

After Larry tells us about his anniversary dinner, Daniel Fusco talks about the equation on resilience, for him it is: hope plus grit equals unstoppable resilience. But what happens is that people have this idea that when things don’t go our way, instead of looking for a solution, we go to self-pity. And usually situations disappoint us because of the expectations we place on people and things. What we should do in these scenarios is to ask ourselves what we have to learn or grow and know that not everything is going to be perfect.

29:22 Resurrection Work

Daniel Fusco mentions that for him it is important to stop with the mental anxiety when things are not going well and instead of going down a spiral of catastrophic things, he relies on God, on his spirituality and faith, and sees an analogy about the death of Jesus: life always goes in different directions like death and resurrection, for Daniel Fusco, when things are not going well it is not that there is a “death” of something in the future but that God wants him to do a work of resurrection (of changes, of seeing and doing things differently).

36:47 When Life gets messy

Continuing with the topic of resilience in the face of life’s adversities, Daniel Fusco mentions that the first thing he does when faced with a problem is to recognize it, he does not ignore it, he does not sugarcoat it, he acknowledges it and is honest about how he feels and then asks himself what he can change; if the answer is that he cannot change anything he leaves it in God’s hands and trusts in Him. But if he can change something, then it is his responsibility to do so and trust that things will work themselves out little by little.

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