How to Overcome the Busyness of Life with Sal Frisella

Busy is a four letter word that is very familiar to men, husbands and fathers, especially when it comes to our professions and careers. It’s not only our careers that keep us busy, but also all the demands of life. Many of us have the perception that we just don’t have the time to live the life we truly want, create the marriage that we ultimately desire and have the connection with our kids that we truly want today.

My legendary guest gives us specific strategies on how we can overcome the busyness of life, be insanely effective with our time, create the marriage we have always wanted and be the dads our kids deserve.

My guest is return guest, and that is Mr. Sal Frisella. He is a husband. He’s a father of three children. He’s the president of 1st  Phorm supplements, which was founded by his brother, Andy Frisella. Many of you might not know that he was also a minor league baseball player who was drafted by the St Louis Cardinals, but after a devastating injury sliding into home plate and breaking his leg, he went on to selling copiers and then went on to selling medical devices as well. He worked for Johnson & Johnson. He was very successful there, but after these phases of his life, he realized that these jobs, they just weren’t meant for him. 

He decided to take a big chance on himself and to live a life that could be the best possible life that he could create. He became the president of 1st Phorm and it did just that it gave him the best life he could possibly want.

To use Sal’s words, “take advantage of every single day, live it as if it was your last, you’ll live without regret. The greatest strikeout in life is never stepping up to the plate in order to live a fulfilling life. We have to embrace fear and live life to the fullest today.”

What You’ll Learn

5:35 Interview Begins

14:30 The Not so Good

Sal Frisella talks about how throughout his life he has had some very good times and not so good times. But it is very common for people to talk about the good moments, but he talks more about the bad ones because he learns from them and gains resilience. It is normal that not everything is good, but you should know that you are not alone and you are not the only one going through a situation like this, we all have our struggles but it is good to know that you can get through anything.

17:56 Overcoming the Not Good Moments

Sal Frisella comments that for him and in order to get out of those moments that are not so good, the first thing he does is to recognize them, after that he needs to put himself as a priority. Both his physical and mental health is what helps him to get out. By prioritizing himself in the first few hours of his day, it gives him the opportunity during the day to invest in helping other people. He firmly believes that one must build strong roots in order to be a good leader, dad, husband and business owner.

25:52 “Why Me” Victimhood

Sal Frisella mentions that every time something bad happens to us, we tend to fall into the “why me” victimhood, “I don’t deserve what is happening to me” so he has changed his way of thinking and instead of asking himself these questions, he thinks about what is the lesson to be learned. It is in this reflection and this moment where you realize the role you play in your life and that every negative situation can be turned into a positive one so that you get tools for the future. It is about building a better version of you. As human beings we are part of all the problems we face but we must be part of the solution and much of the work starts with the mind.

33:43 How Success is Built

Thanks to his experience and life story, Sal Frisella shares that for him, success is built through failure. You’re going to fail more times than you’re going to win, but that’s okay too because you’re going to learn tools and skills for your future and for the next challenges. He mentions that people don’t like complicated things or talking about their lost battles, but that it has to do with the fact that we care a lot about people’s opinions and the judgments they make. You must put yourself in situations that make you feel uncomfortable to get out of your comfort zone, the goal is not to stop playing, but to keep playing and moving forward.

39:44 Breaking a leg

Sal Frisella talks about what he learned from breaking his leg during a Cardinals game. He changed his mindset and tried to become a better version of himself.

50:49 Sal’s Motto & Teachings

Sal Frisella shares a story about his children and how he teaches them his life motto that through failures you learn more about yourself. He says that one of his daughters who didn’t win a trophy and her other siblings did, he taught her that this lesson only served her to pay attention to the things she needs to improve on and the next one to win.

1:11:04 Cultivating Marriage

Sal Frisella mentions that it has been easy for him to continue cultivating the relationship with his wife because he made her his queen, following a piece of advice shared with him by an uncle when Sal Frisella was 20 years old.

His wife has supported him for 13 years, she is the first to center him and also the first to support and protect him. Now that his wife wanted to start a business, he supported her 100% and is happy to see her succeed and be very good at what she does.

Sal Frisella’s Links

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