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Keith Yackey is the Founder and CEO of The Married Game and The Ascend Brotherhood, known for his innovative approaches to enhancing marital relationships and personal growth. His work emphasizes the importance of attraction and connection in marriage, drawing from his diverse experiences and insights.

He candidly shares his journey from being on the brink of his second divorce to becoming what he calls a “provocateur” – a man who provokes admiration, desire, and commitment from his partner.

Keith and Larry begin by acknowledging their own past mistakes, demonstrating a commitment to self-improvement. They focus on authentic solutions for personal growth, emphasizing the importance of responsibility in one’s actions.

Keith then highlights the significance of authenticity in relationships. He describes his relationship with his spouse as “flirty” and “fun,” underscoring the value of a genuine connection. He also emphasizes the role of supporting one’s partner and nurturing their dreams, illustrating the importance of mutual support and serving as a leader who uplifts others.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Importance of feeling wanted sexually. 
  2. Confidence is attractive in men. 
  3. Invest in your partner’s needs.

What You’ll Learn

00:02:11 Facing Divorce and Self-Reflection
00:04:03 The Turning Point in Marriage
00:08:08 Realizing Personal Shortcomings
00:11:09 The Impact of Neglecting Family
00:13:10 The Breakup and Personal Reflection
00:19:57 The Process of Self-Improvement
00:22:06 Victim Mentality and Personal Delusions
00:24:05 The Moment of Realization
00:25:10 Taking Small Steps Towards Change
00:27:34 The Power of Simple Gestures
00:29:15 The Importance of Being Present
00:32:33 The Challenge of Rebuilding a Relationship
00:35:19 The Significance of Small Actions
00:37:06 The Shift from External to Internal Motivation
00:39:02 Defining What Being ‘All In’ Means
00:41:42 – The Realization of Personal Growth


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