Resist Average with Tommy Baker

Resist Average with Tommy Baker

Most men are motivated by the same thing, and it’s the wrong thing—fear.

We run away from the life we don’t want, struggling to avoid discomfort and scarcity. We are under constant stress and have nothing left for ourselves. But fear is a bad motivator. We can only run so far and so fast before we become depleted and burned out.

Today I have an amazing guest who is no stranger to the spotlight. Tommy Baker is the host of Resist Average Podcast and helps dreamers create the lives they truly desire. He is the author of three bestselling books, and his most recent release, The Leap of Your Life, is about how we can resist average and make bold decisions toward the dreams that scare us.

Tommy talks about the myth of clarity, leveraging regret, and taking action despite never feeling ready. If you’re in survival mode or in a comfortable but boring rut, this show will change your trajectory!

Tommy Baker

Tommy grew up in two different cultures. His family moved back and forth between Columbia and US. Tommy had a life of solitude because he didn’t know where he fit in. This was a challenge that forced him to ask himself deep questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What am I capable of?

This led him on a path of entrepreneurship and self-discovery that helped him realize what prevented himself and others from living to their full potential. Today, Tommy Baker helps men make decisions into the unknown with faith trust and resilience and find ways to reverse engineer their success from the inside out.

Through his writing, high-performance coaching and Resist Average Academy podcast—he’s helped thousands of people take their next bold step and never look back.

Entrepreneurship is one the best ways to create personal growth in life.

What You’ll Learn

  • How all change is going to come from two places—a place of honesty about who you are and your pain and struggles, or by becoming inspired by something out in the future on the horizon that you are excited about
  • The three states of existence:
    • A state of survival- where you just make it through the day and make decisions out of scarcity and competition.
    • A state of comfort-where there is no urgency, but there’s nothing exciting or challenging in your life and you drift aimlessly.
    • A state of thriving—where you seek challenge every day and are willing to get to know yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can tackle bigger and better problems and grow every day.
  • The importance of getting non-emotional data on our lives about what’s not working
  • Why comfort is the hardest state to change from
  • A powerful visualization exercise—5 years down the line, where will you be if you stay on the same path that isn’t working for you?
  • How to set your goals so that you will achieve them
  • Why you must go to environments that light you up in some form
  • Cutting negative stuff out of your space—relationships, environments, gossip, bad habits, and bad mindsets
  • How to break free from the “I’m not ready yet” syndrome
  • How to recognize fear in all its forms
  • By the time you feel ready, it’s too late
  • How in a distracted, over-stimulated world, we chase the wrong things for the wrong reasons
  • Regret can be a tool to leverage or a tool used to imprison yourself
  • Why ruminating leads to anxiety, depression, and despair
  • Dialing up your intuition
  • Why you may not be lacking clarity but courage
  • How lack of clarity can become an excuse to procrastinate
  • How to have the courage to step forward even if you lack a clear vision
  • Powerful exercise—how to take inventory of your foundation in life
  • That it’s okay to say, “I don’t know,” and give yourself space to figure it out

When we say we’re not ready, it becomes a convenient mechanism to let ourselves off the hook.

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