The Psychology of Our Personal Style with Tanner Guzy

Today’s podcast episode is different. It’s a topic we have not touched on before, but one that I know you will enjoy. My guest today is Tanner Guzy, a men’s style coach. 

Believe it or not, men have always cared about the way we look – deeply so. From Aztec warriors who wear the skins of animals to assume their powers, to the intentional scars won and worn by fencing students in Germany, to an entire spiritual realm introduced by masks in Africa – men throughout time and across the world have used their appearance to signal virtues like courage, strength, mastery, and honor.

What You’ll Learn

5:01 Interview Begins

8:28 Nothing is Tougher than boxing

Tanner shares about some of the toughest things he has embarked on. He talks about taking on boxing once and how he got the crap beat out of him by a younger boxer. Every time he comes across a challenge, he simply says: I’ve done boxing before, I can do this! Since that time, he simply has more respect for athletes who fight.

13:29 Advice to Your Younger Self

Larry asks Tanner what he would tell himself if he could provide advice to his younger self. Advice about marriage that is. Tanner Guzy provides some really good advice.

  1. Marriage is not dead weight for your dreams. It’s rocket fuel
  2. Change your mindset when you have more kids

14:08 Real Transformation

Tanner Guzy talks about transformation. He shares that much of the time, a couple will just focus on work, or fitness or something that distracts them from true transformation. He mentions that real transformation is something that happens in the mind, and at a spiritual level and not in your partner’s validations or frustrations. Focus on transformation and not the “busy” things.

14:58 Don’t Upgrade your Minivan

Tanner makes a really good point about mindset and the analogy he uses is perfect.

Tanner Guzy’s Links

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