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Optimizing Work-Life Balance with Jerry DePizzo

I am just gonna break it to you. For all you thinking that are seeking work-life balance, it doesn’t exist. There, I said it. However what we can have is work-life integration or optimization. Life will bring a lot of uncertainty and we must be ready for those diverse circumstances and the best way to do it is by learning the needed skills that make us incredibly effective and efficient within our business, marriage, parenting, finances, our health, leading yourself and others in your life. 

My guest today is Jerry DePizzo, principal member of the rock band O.A.R..Over the past 25 years they’ve sold millions in albums, streams and tickets, including a sold-out performance at  Madison Square Garden. 

In this episode you are going to hear about the life of a man who is a celebrity and the way he optimizes life to show up every day at his highest level. My son Ethan is also on the call and asks some questions, so there is a lot of value behind this interview, because we not only listen to the answers to the questions I ask, but most importantly, the point-of-view behind the questions from my 16 year old son.

What You’ll Learn

7:30 Interview Begins

8:18 Growing Up

Jerry shares with the audience a bit of life as he grew up. One story that he shares is how his father had a whistle and would call him and his siblings. He would go out and play since the “sun was out” but he had to come home as soon as he heard that whistle. 

He also talks about how growing up, there was a tight-knit nucleus and it was great to celebrate life moments with those around him and his family, and why community matters so much. 

15:44 We All know that We’re Loved

17:20 Being the oldest

Jerry DePizzo describes what growing up was like as the oldest kid, the sense of responsibility, as he had younger siblings that looked up to him. 

 21:30 Becoming a musician

Jerry talks about him going to college and him knowing he wanted to be a musician since he can remember, but still knew he needed a college career to fall back on. 

24:04 Smart at business so my creative isn’t affected. 

Jerry tells me all about how he puts in the work on the business side that he and the band figured out by doing to get to have a chance to release his creativity a couple days a week to create something out of nothing that resonates with their fans.

Jerry’s Links

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