Matt Doan – Escape From the Corporate Cage

Matt Doan is a husband, father, speaker, entrepreneur, and a freedom coach. He is helping burned-out corporate professionals live Uncaged. Inspired by 15 demanding years in management consulting, he is obsessed with helping high-achievers build a career and life on their terms.

In this episode, Matt Doan discusses his journey as a business owner and the freedom it has brought him. He talks about his blended family, with three older children from a previous marriage and a two-year-old with his current wife. Matt also shares his joy in coaching baseball and the intensity of the eleven-year-old players. He then delves into the life lessons he wants to pass down to his children, both boys and girls. 

Matt Doan highlights the significance of understanding that femininity does not equate to being female. Instead, he emphasizes the hidden feminine energy that exists within all individuals. This energy includes qualities such as empathy, vulnerability, and emotional expression. Matt believes that society often teaches boys to suppress these traits, but by embracing them, they can become more well-rounded individuals.

Matt’s approach to parenting is about finding a balance between masculine and feminine energies. He wants his children, regardless of gender, to feel that they have access to all the qualities and strengths associated with both sides. By doing so, he believes they can lead fulfilling and authentic lives.

This Dad Edge episode demonstrates the negative impact of corporate life on happiness and well-being. Matt’s experience of feeling trapped, unfulfilled, and disconnected from their values and priorities is relatable to many individuals in similar positions. The pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle, the demands of work, and the sacrifices made for career advancement all contribute to diminishing happiness.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Balance work and personal life.
  2. Reinventing corporate life for fulfillment. 
  3. Follow your passions for success. 

What You’ll Learn

00:02:06 Embrace both masculine and feminine.

00:06:07 Religious upbringing and societal expectations.

00:11:23 Money doesn’t buy happiness.

00:19:53 Reinventing corporate life for fulfillment.

00:31:02 Balance work and personal life.

00:34:37 Pressure to hustle early in career.

00:37:29 The stakes of corporate life.

00:44:54 Regret can be a motivator.

00:50:35 Take calculated risks in career.

00:55:22 Find joy in your work.

01:01:54 Follow your passions for success.

01:04:00 Discover your passion and purpose.


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