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Living Your Most Authentic Self as a Husband, Father, and Business Owner with Scott Holman

Scott Holman

Scott Holman is a husband, father, business owner, and founder of the program Stop Clowning Around. Scott’s day job is the Director of Sales for national accounts for a very large security company. Scott’s organization, Stop Clowning Around, is about developing human beings into a level of mastery. He has also recently taken on two properties that he has flipped for financial investment.

Scott’s number one asset that he pushes is learning how to view things from someone else’s perspective. Perspective drives everything in life, especially our interactions. Everyone has a different set of lenses they see the world through, and we can’t change that. You will be much better as a person and as a business leader if you learn to look at things from someone else’s perspective.

Another thing that Scott practices regularly with his wife and children is communication. Communication is key to healthy marriage, along with being each other’s best friend. Communication and time are the key to raising your children to be strong men and women. Being there for your wife and kids, and not telling them how to do things or “fix it” for them is the driving factor in successful relationships.

Asking someone a series of questions that will lead them down the path of discovery is much better than fixing the problem for them. Most people don’t need us to tell them that we’re doing something wrong, they need us to walk the path with them and allow themselves to vocalize it, so they can take the action step at the end. This means, being intentional and allowing yourself to sit and listen, when you’d rather take control of the situation.

As men, we are the leaders and masters of 3 areas – ourselves, our families, and our businesses. In order to live legendary, we have to understand that life is always about the journey of mastery. It isn’t about the destination of mastery, and never having to learn. We are constantly learning along the journey, and that’s how we become legendary!

What You’ll Learn: 


Scott talks about how Monday’s are the best days, right after Friday’s because you don’t need to wait for a fresh start.


Scott talks about how he shifted his mindset about Monday’s.


Scott talks about his family and how he has one set of biological children, and another set of adopted biracial children. He has been married to his wife for over 24 years.


Scott talks about how he has been able to have such a successful marriage.


Scott talks about how his kids to be strong confident men and women.


Scott talks about how he has been successful with changing his perspective when he communicates with his wife.


Scott recalls the things that will be different in his marriage from now until his 25th year of marriage.


Scott talks about all of his current projects.


Scott talks about the secret behind his success.


Scott talks about what it means to live legendary.


Scott thinks about what his family would be talking about if they were to all sit around the table 25 years from now.


Scott talks about Stop Clowning Around.


Scott talks about what things have been happening in his life the past year.


Scott talks about the vision for his brand for the next 12 months.


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Scott Holman





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