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Justin Gaston – Faith, Fatherhood, and Forever Love

Justin Gaston is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and model who built his career in multiple fields. Justin Gaston has been ruling over millions of hearts with his incredibly amazing performances and this led him to earn various awards and honors in his career.

In this episode of the Dad Edge Podcast, Larry Hagner sits down with Justin Gaston and talks about his own experience with infertility and the impact it had on their marriage. He shared how they initially struggled to conceive and had to seek medical assistance. The process was filled with uncertainty and setbacks, but eventually, they were able to conceive their first child. However, their journey didn’t end there, as they went on to have four more children in quick succession.

Throughout his journey, Justin has learned to pray for guidance and direction from God. He no longer needs to see the whole picture but asks for one step at a time. This mindset is a testament to his faith and willingness to surrender control to God. He recognizes that certainty is a basic human need, but he has chosen to trust in God’s plan instead of seeking complete certainty in his own life.

Concluding the interview, Justin’s upbringing in a loving and stable family, with parents who demonstrated love and affection, shaped his values of respect, kindness, and commitment in relationships. This serves as a reminder of the impact that family, love, and support can have on shaping an individual’s values and character.

1st phorm Dad Edge Podcast

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Switching gears takes courage. 
  2. Faith and obedience bring success. 
  3. Appreciate sacrifices and express gratitudes. 

What You’ll Learn

00:03:56 Adoption brought them joy and fulfillment.

00:09:43 Family upbringing shapes professional trajectory.

00:18:06 Follow your passion, despite fears.

00:20:23 Trusting God in uncertain paths.

00:25:11 Faith and trust in uncertainty.

00:29:03 Trusting God in uncertain times.

00:44:29 Importance of family connection.

00:50:17 Importance of strong parent-child relationships.

00:55:22 Faith-driven life is truly inspiring.



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