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Igniting Your Inner Warrior & Protecting Family w/ Josh Brisbane

Life can be pretty crazy. One moment you can be pumping gas and the next you can be threatened by a stranger who attacks you. That’s why we need to be prepared. We need to learn how to defend ourselves. We need to know how to spot danger, be before it becomes a threat, and how to stay one step ahead of danger that lurks around every single corner.

Today my guest shares insights on how we can be better protectors for our family. Teach our kids on how to protect themselves and how to avoid the most common mistakes we make when we aren’t being situationally vigilant. 

Josh Brisbane is a professional SAVAGE. For the past 20 years, he has been surrounding himself with the best fighters on the planet and learning how to fight, protect and stand his ground. When he is not training, Josh is surfing and spending time with his family. He also hosts The Savage Watermen Podcast, where he interviews everyone from fighters, surfers, entrepreneurs, investors and much more.

What You’ll Learn

05:04 On the bullying he experienced as a young boy

13:12 On doing whatever you need to do to protect your family

Josh Brisbane explains that he interviewed a convicted pedophile and asked him what he took into consideration when choosing his victims, the pedophile replied that he looks at the parents, he analyzes them to see if they will put up a fight back, or if they will get involved if he kidnaps their child.

Josh Brisbane says he trains and goes to self-defense classes to do what he has to do to protect his family, that someone sees him and thinks twice before he tries to do something to them.

15:04 Situational awareness   

Josh Brisbane explains what situational awareness is, he says that most of the time you need to be alert so you can prevent many situations, for example, when we go to the gas station, what we do is to be on our cell phones, but we do not realize what is around us in the environment. Learning about situational awareness is important to know how to fight, how to throw a punch, how to fight on the ground, on our feet, weapon control, etc.

Josh Brisbane says that if you can detect danger before it becomes a threat, then you should not even use your hands, it is good to know that you can defend yourself and that you know many things, it gives you confidence, but the best thing is to prevent it before it happens.

20:22 On looking out for cues

25:47 Family Safety

Josh Brisbane says he has a safe word with his son and wife, in case they are in a potential danger scenario, they know what to do so Josh doesn’t worry about them while dealing with the situation, either by acting or just being alert.

28:57 The 4 principles of becoming hard to kill

Josh Brisbane talks about the 4 principles to become hard to kill. The first is situational awareness, it’s being aware of your surroundings. The second is strength and conditioning, you must be able to run faster than your attacker. The third is training, you must invest time in learning how to strike, because in a confrontation, you must throw a punch and defend yourself. And the fourth principle is consistency, you must be committed to the safety of your family. If you have a safe word, it’s not just remembering it, it’s practicing, doing drills, talking about scenarios, and so on.

34:53 Story of when someone threatened him with a knife

Josh Brisbane tells about a time when a person decided to threaten him with a knife. The important thing about this anecdote, is that he says he learned not to take things personally, as he has more to lose. But he was very alert to how the situation unfolded so as not to put his baby at risk.

39:08 Don’t engage in road rage

46:27 Show your kids the basics to defend themselves but keep training to sharpen your skills

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