TT 77 - Making Honesty the Easy Choice for Your Kids
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Making Honesty the Easy Choice for Your Kids

I have a special guest in the studio with me today to discuss something near and dear to our hearts as fathers – HONESTY. For this episode, I brought in my eleven-year-old son Ethan, un-prepped and unscripted, to talk about how he feels when it’s time for him to be honest with me and how I can make it easier for him to come to me when he has a problem.

Our kids are usually afraid of us when it times to come and tell us something bad, like getting in trouble at school or failing a test. They don’t want to see us get angry and this can get them into the habit of lying.

Little lies may not seem like a huge deal when they are young, but as they grow into teenagers, having open communication will be crucial. Instead of it being, “Dad, I forgot to do my homework,” it could be safe sex, peer pressure, or drugs.

The best way to make sure we know what’s going on with our kids is to make honesty the easiest choice for them.

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