Optimum Gut Health For You And Your Kids
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Optimum Gut Health for You and Your Kids with Dr. Adrian Chavez

As men, leaders, fathers, protectors, and providers, it’s up to us to take action when it comes to our health and the health of our kids. We need to make sure we put high-quality nutrient-rich foods into our bodies to perform our best and prevent disease.

But let’s face it – the American Diet sucks. Most of our food comes out of a package and is loaded with chemicals, sending our gut health into mass chaos.

Today we have Dr. Adrian Chavez on to talk about how processed foods affect the microbes in your gut and how this huge population of living bacteria affects every aspect of your physical and mental health.

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Dr. Adrian Chavez

Dr. Adrian Chavez has a PhD in Nutrition and is a nutrition and natural health consultant. He is an expert in the gut/brain connection and hosts the Your Nutrition Prescription podcast.

Adrian, who is now a dad, grew up with two dads that influenced his life. His biological father was a drug dealer who was in and out of jail since Adrian was born. When Adrian was nine years old, he disappeared and left Adrian, his mom, and his brothers on their own. They struggled to survive and even lived in a homeless shelter for a few months.

The other man in Adrian’s life was his step dad who stepped in as the man of the family. He worked hard labor sixteen hours a day, six days a week to take care of Adrian’s mom and her kids. Adrian’s mom also worked very hard. As parents, they had little time or energy to be active parts of Adrian’s life, but they demonstrated a tremendous work ethic when it came to the survival of the family.

A year ago, someone reached out to Adrian with news of his father. He had been deported back to Mexico and wanted to reconnect. Adrian relayed his story to the contact, but informed him that he had no desire to be involved with his biological dad. Adrain had accepted the loss of him long ago, moving on and using his experience to become a better dad.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How anxiety and depression are connected to your gut
  • The link between gut bacteria and autism
  • How there are 10X more bacteria and yeast in our body than our own human cells
  • How our very first exposure to flora is our mother’s vagina
  • The most frequent complaints from men aged 20s-50s
  • How food companies engineer snacks to be addictive
  • How gluten triggers and immune reaction
  • Why vegetable oils cause inflammation
  • The whole food diet explained
  • How diet can cause psychological problems
  • Why doctors are trained to give you medications
  • Why we get extreme food cravings, especially  for sugars
  • Why sometimes your will power had nothing to do with dieting
  • What Dr. Adrian eats daily
  • The “small, frequent meals” myth
  • Why you don’t have to eat brown rice
  • A list of the most nutritious, disease-fighting foods
  • How we get our kids to eat these healthy foods

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