first year of fatherhood

Five Life-Altering Lessons in the First Year of Fatherhood

Are you scared of what challenges you will encounter the first year of fatherhood? – By Anthony Hayes

first year of fatherhood

Are you worried about the first year of fatherhood?

I was terrified. Before Violet got here I was oozing with anticipation and excitement. I just wanted so badly to meet her.

When she came I was relieved and sense of well being washed over me. I did however feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility, more so than I’ve ever felt before. The lessons you learn the first year as a Father will teach you more about yourself AND your capabilities than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Here are the 5 things you can expect to learn during your first year of fatherhood


Change – The first year of fatherhood is all about change!  Every aspect of your life is going to change. Schedules, routines, meals, nothing is off limits. It is the adaptability to your new lifestyle that will allow you to embrace these changes and keep on flowing.


Patience – It will be tested time and time again, and you will learn to have it if you do not already. If you are a patient person you will be pushed to the limit. At times it will be overwhelming. All of these things however will make you a more charismatic, and loving father in the end.


Financial Responsibility – Although I am fairly good with money, I am a recovering impulse shopper. Add the word “frugal” to your vocabulary and use it well. It sounds better than cheap but goes hand & hand. If you eat out once a week, make it once a month. If you drink coffee like me, sorry but no more bucks. Buckle down and cut back where you can. Dunkin’ is okay every now and again. But, don’t carry cash (I find it helps).


Prioritization – Pick and choose your battles and plan your attack. All responsibilities will get accomplished if you do them in the correct sequence. First, comes safety and security of your child and spouse.


Selflessness – “Selfless” –  that is what you will become. This skill you cannot prepare yourself for as everyone’s life is unique. Eating YOUR meal, taking YOUR shower, and sleeping will all have to wait. After the kiddo is full, clean, and all snuggled in you can do all this but not before. If you are under the impression that you know the meaning of sacrifice, you will be amazed at how you are willing to go above and beyond. Learn how to get the most out of the time that is left for Oneself.


While you will experience a plethora of additional lessons during the first year of fatherhood, these are the first few. It will ultimately come down to your circumstances, what you learn and how you will apply this new found knowledge. Looking back, while you plan your little ones first birthday, you’ll realized how great of a parent you’ve truly become. This is going to be an awesome year!


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