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Eric Grannis – A+ Parenting

Eric Grannis is the co-author of the book “A+ Parenting: The Surprisingly Fun Guide to Raising Surprisingly Smart Kids.” Eric’s ethos revolves around challenging the traditional definition of intelligence based on academic performance.

Understanding Intelligence and Learning Styles

In this episode, Eric Grannis joins Larry Hagner to explore the topic of raising smart kids. He discusses the evolving concept of intelligence and shares his journey from struggling in school to excelling by understanding his learning style. Eric Grannis emphasizes that intelligence extends beyond grades and traditional measures, focusing instead on how each child learns best.

Beyond Traditional Definitions of Smart

Acknowledging the use of “smart” in the podcast title as an attention-grabber, Eric Grannis shifts focus to the book they discuss. This book aims to help kids find their passions and interests in life. He and Larry Hagner stress the importance of looking beyond school and college, encouraging children to discover what truly interests and engages them.

The Harm of Comparison in Education

The conversation also covers the harmful effects of parents comparing their children to others, especially in educational achievements. Eric Grannis advises against this, urging parents to foster their child’s passions and creativity instead.

The Role of Parents in Nurturing Success

Investing in our kids remains a paramount duty. As parents, we should guide and nurture our children, aiding their growth into successful and fulfilled individuals. Recognizing that success and intelligence go beyond grades and academic achievements is essential.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Parent’s should focus on fostering their child’s passions and creativity. 
  2. Encourage children to embrace their strengths and pursue their passion.
  3. Parents should support and guide their children. 

What You’ll Learn

00:00:09 Smart kids are not solely defined by their grades.

00:10:06 Importance of investing in relationships.

00:16:21 Positive parenting builds strong relationships.

00:17:17 Open communication builds strong relationships.

00:23:16 Concentration and patience are key.

00:27:47 Attention span is decreasing rapidly.

00:37:13 Gamifying activities increases focus.

00:40:02 Focus on making non-school time educational.

00:46:02 Music can impact children’s intellect.

00:53:07 Active learning improves information retention.

01:01:51 Parenting journey gets easier.


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