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Dr Michael Gervais – Stop Worrying About What People Think of You

Dr. Michael Gervais is a renowned high-performance psychologist and the host of the Finding Mastery podcast, where he explores the psychology of peak performance with world-leading experts and athletes. His work focuses on helping individuals excel in high-stakes environments and unlock their full potential.

In this episode, Larry Hagner and Dr. Michael Gervais delve into a fascinating discussion about the mind, emotions, and the power of being present. They explore the concept of the brain as hardware and the mind as software, emphasizing the importance of upgrading our mental software through training and self-awareness. They also distinguish between emotions (observable and physical) and feelings (subjective and interpretive), highlighting the role of thoughts in shaping our emotional experiences.

The conversation further explores the challenges of being present in a world filled with distractions and the aversion many people have to being alone with their thoughts. They discuss the fear of not being enough and the deep-rooted need for acceptance and belonging. Dr. Michael Gervais shares insights from his book, highlighting the real consequences of stress and anxiety and offering practical strategies for managing them.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Michael Gervais emphasizes the importance of training the mind, just like we train our physical and technical skills. He discusses the power of acute stress and the benefits of pushing ourselves to the messy edge, as well as the value of mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices in cultivating presence and navigating stress. 

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tools for upgrading our mental software and living a more fulfilled and present life. By increasing awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we can better navigate the external world and cultivate a sense of calm and confidence.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Upgrade your mind to navigate stress and anxiety.
  2. Embrace the present moment for true happiness.
  3. Overcome the fear of others’ opinions.

What You’ll Learn

00:03:50 Appreciating nature, adapting to change.

00:10:08 Adapting to new environments builds resilience.

00:11:10 Navigating transitions builds emotional intelligence.

00:21:12 The meaning we give experiences.

00:23:37 Upgrade your mind, shape your reality.

00:31:06 Emotions are observable, feelings are subjective.

00:34:14 Increase awareness to master emotions.

00:39:10 Understanding and managing stress better.

00:44:12 Building capacity for growth.

00:54:28 Embrace solitude for self-reflection.

00:57:34 Invest in your inner life.

01:00:41 Psychology in the rhythm of business.



Finding Mastery Podcast

The First Rule of Mastery: Stop Worrying about What People Think of You

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