Dr. John Delony – Building a Non-Anxious Life

Dr. John Delony is a mental health expert, national best-selling author, and host of “The Dr. John Delony Show.” With two PhDs and over two decades of experience in counseling, crisis response, and higher education, he offers practical advice on mental health and wellness. At Ramsey Solutions, Dr. John Delony empowers individuals to navigate life’s challenges, focusing on personal growth and trauma recovery. 

Dr. John Deloney shares his insights on the importance of connection, the impact of financial debt on mental health, and the significance of emotional regulation in relationships. He emphasizes the need to cultivate genuine connections and prioritize emotional well-being over material success.

He also delves into the concept of “enough” and how our society’s constant pursuit of more can lead to anxiety and stress. He highlights the importance of building a legacy based on emotional connection and authenticity rather than material wealth. Dr. Deloney also discusses the physiological signals our bodies give us when we are not feeling safe and the importance of listening to these cues for overall well-being.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Deloney shares personal anecdotes and experiences that underscore the importance of prioritizing emotional health and meaningful relationships. His message resonates with the idea that true fulfillment comes from genuine connections and emotional well-being rather than external achievements or material possessions.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Prioritize connection and relationships over material success.
  2. Listen to your body’s signals for safety and well-being.
  3. Opt out of societal pressures for financial freedom.

What You’ll Learn

00:01:02 Introduction of Dr. John Deloney

00:06:38 Family and Personal Life of Dr. John Deloney

00:07:36 Meaningful Tattoo Story

00:10:14 Connection and Relationships

00:29:58 Body’s Response to Anxiety and Safety

00:35:09 Financial Stress and Anxiety

00:41:01 Legacy and Impact







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