Design a Family Operating System of High Standards and Character with Matt Beaudreau

When it comes to raising our kids, many of us are simply repeating several ways that we were raised. We simply don’t know any other way. And many of us are searching for ways to break patterns that truly don’t serve us, our wives, or even our kids today. My guest goes over what it means to design a family operating system of high standards and character, how we can raise young men and women who will impact the world for good, for generations to come and how we as husbands and fathers can learn the skills to make it happen.

He’s a former public school educator, administrator, and professor at Stanford University. He’s also the host of the Essential 11 Podcast, and a world-renowned keynote speaker with clients ranging from Lockheed Martin, the United States Airforce, Caterpillar, and Honeywell.

He’s made it his life’s mission to find alternative and powerful education opportunities for our young men and women including a partnership with Tim Kennedy in young men’s mentoring programs.

What You’ll Learn

12:46 Interview Begins

22:46 Life Lessons

Matt Beaudreau mentions the most important life lessons he learned from his parents, from his mom he learned her work ethic and being able to lean on your talents, while from his dad he learned not to get caught up in his own demons.

26:59 Protection

Matt Beaudreau explains that as a way of protection, he decided to cut his father out of his sons life because even though Matt’s dad beat him as a child, he was not concerned about that with his children, his concern was more of a mental issue of negativity and manipulation

30:58 Brainwashing

Matt Beaudreau touches on the issue of brainwashing. He says that we have always been influenced by someone else but that our focus should really be on building an inner voice for the next generation. You have to put guilt or shame aside because otherwise we will only project generational brainwashing onto our children. What you should do is build an inner voice by looking at yourself and then those around your kids because we can all have some influence.

36:28 Parenting Issues

Matt Beaudreau: on parenting issues, in his family they have a family contract that many might think is impersonal, but quite the opposite. Thanks to this document they can take responsibility for the rules they set, it is reviewed, adapted, and things are worked on daily basis to improve the family relationship, it is also a matter of proactivity rather than parental authoritarianism.

39:33 Through Example

Matt Beaudreau through an example with his son talks about the importance of consistency and discipline. To recognize your children when they do something aligned with your values of parenting because that is where the imprint is made with the inner voice. And when they are not aligned, also tell them the same because discipline and consistency are the basis where changes begin.

44:54 Contracts

Matt provides some tips for how to write up a contract with your kids and as a family.

Matt’s Links

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