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Building a Business Around Your Life with Dave Anderson

Today we have a special guest, a repeat guest actually. Dave Anderson is the owner of a creative video production company. 

In this episode we talk a lot about his journey and what it took to get where he is. Family is what drives us, no doubt, but we tend to forget that very easily amidst the work duties. 

Dave and I both share proud moments when we learned to detach from our businesses, but also we talk about vulnerable times when we almost ran ourselves to the ground thinking that we were doing the right thing for our families. Spoiler alert, we weren’t

What You’ll Learn

3:11 Interview Begins

6:35 Taking Marriage to the next level
Dave shares his best advice for marriage, even if it sounds cliche.

8:38 Being Open & Honest
Just because you decide to be honest, it doesn’t mean it will be easy. Dave shares a time in his marriage when he decided to leave no secrets out and it made his marriage stronger.

16:31 Supporting Your Family Doesn’t Mean Overworking
Dave shares an experience he had after 2020 when work started to pick up and how he took ALL jobs, to the point where he had to work 16 hour days, not see his family and it took him out for 2 full days.

23:12 Business Goals
Dave talks about his goals for the business and how it has been goal hitting year for him in 2021.

31:06 Overworking
Larry shares a story of one of his kids pushing himself to the limit while running at a track and that compares to how many men overwork themselves.

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