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Surround Yourself with the Right People for Success with Alex Wang

Alex Wang

Alex Wang has been practicing Real Estate in Silicon Valley Bay for the past 17 years, embracing his role as a Real Estate Evangelist. He strives to move the industry towards a model of a small and mighty business with a strong fidelity to clients while combining focus negotiation, innovative tech, and reliable Real Estate practices.

Alex has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in the country. He and his wife Lily have been married for the past 16 years and have three kids. Alex is also a part of the Dad Edge Business Accelerator Mastermind.

Today’s podcast is centered around giving yourself advice from a future you’s perspective. For example, what advice would you give yourself before you got married, got your first job, or had your first kid? Another piece of advice to take away from today’s podcast is, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Alex gives us very sound advice on why working together will bring you much more success and meaningful relationships than working alone.

What You’ll Learn: 


Alex talks about his Wall Street Ranking.


Alex talks about how partnerships and relationships will get you much farther than going alone.


Alex talks about what the transition was like going from being a solo businessman to seeking out help in his journey.


Alex gives examples of asking for help both professionally and personally.


Alex dives into the topic of what advice he would give to his younger self before he started living life.


Alex talks about the benefits of a marriage communication tool that allows him and his wife to communicate effectively in their marriage.


Alex talks about how the communication tactics he uses with his wife have rubbed off on his kids.


Alex talks about the importance of checking in and planning with your spouse.


Alex discusses how he sets boundaries about his business hours with his clients early on so there are no interruptions.


Alex finds that separating himself from his phone for a set period of time has helped him disconnect and take a break from technology.


Alex talks about the advice he would give to be a better husband and father.


Alex discusses and gives insight into what he and Larry talked about before the show.


Alex talks about getting in touch with his core values and how we can do the same.


Alex gives advice to the corporate employee who doesn’t know what he should do in his career.


Alex gives more life lessons and how he feels about his daughter becoming a teenager.


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Alex Wang






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