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The Secrets to Attaining Real Health with Dr. Jason Dean

Dr. Jason Dean is a husband, a father, a physician, he’s a patriot and a humanitarian. He is the founder of the Revolution Network and Brave TV.

He is dedicated to to getting the Americana and world public out of health and financial slavery. He started his career working in the NFL, MLB and NHL. 

Dr. Jason Dean is a doctor of natural health, doctor of chiropractic and Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Doctor with a mission to help people get well using food as lifestyle, and operates one of the world’s largest practices: Palmer Natural Health.

Dr. Dean is the founder of Brave TV that helps to educate on health, wealth and freedom.

 And he left to fulfill a bigger purpose as a physician. He lives for the truth and he works to help others see it. He grew up in an unsteady household on welfare and remembers using food stamps as a way to pay for groceries.

He made the decision at an early age that when he was older, he would never be in a similar situation as his upbringing.

What You’ll Learn

6:16 Interview Begins

8:15 Family Dynamics

Dr. Jason Dean talks about how he and his wife are on the same page when it comes to having a mission and their mindset is around trying to save the world and people.

10:00 Health Slavery

Dr. Jason Dean explains what he calls health slavery. He describes that on average people are on 10 medications for adults. He has seen children coming into his practice with 5 medications.

12:17 Fats vs. Sugars

Dr. Jason Dean talks about a study that was done in the 50’s where they found that fats would cure diseases and sugars would harm you, but the big corporations paid off the doctors that ran this study to reverse the findings.

18:30 The Wrong Target

Dr. Jason Dean talks about what is behind a heart attack. He explains the big reason behind processed refined carbohydrates and sugar.

20:30 CholesterolCode.com

22:00 Collapse of the moder-day Family

Dr. Jason Dean explans why there are a lot of different pieces which he works on when it comes to the collapse of the moder-day family.

Dr. Jason Dean’s Links

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