The Art of Peaceful Parenting with Michelle Kenney

On this episode:

  • How we can create connection with our kids
  • How we can connect with them instead of punishing them.
  • How she connects with her daughters for 20 minutes per day and what that looks like.
  • When the rules are broken and we don’t want to break the connection, what can we do about it?

About Michelle Kenney

Before becoming a  hand in hand certified instructor in 2015, she worked for 12 years in the public school system, she was a teacher and a counselor. Regardless of her experience, that didn’t prepare her for motherhood. 

After years of consequences, bribes, star charts, she found Hand In Hand Parenting created by Patty Wilpfeiffer and it re-shaped the relationship with her daughters.

She is now passionate about helping others find their way about the murky business of being a connected parent. She loves leading groups and finds it dynamic and transformative for both her and the groups that she leads. She also strongly believes that listening partnerships are the cornerstone to moving through difficulties.

She holds a master’s degree in education and even speaks fluent Spanish.


What You’ll Learn

8:40 Warm-up Questions

11:25 Not Being Ready

Michelle Kenney shares her story of what she thought parenting would be like. At the beginning, it did not feel very natural. Even after doing everything she thought was right, when her child was defiant, she lost it.

She did all the things that she thought were right but it was not clicking until one day at a retreat she found out about Hand in Hand parenting, which changed her life and the connection with her kids.

16:41 An AHA! Moment

Michelle Kenney talks about how connection is the way to changing behavior.

18:15 Big Feelings

20:00 Why Men Are Angry

Michelle and Larry talk about why holding space is key to not being angry and in today’s culture, many men are told to keep their feelings inside, or things such as “men don’t cry”.

Michelle dives into what holding space actually means and explains why it is crucial in connecting with your kids.

26:44 Yellow & Red Lights

33:23 Special Time

She spends 20 minutes 1 on 1. She explains what she does and how she does it and why it is important.

Michelle Kenney’s Links

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