Social Media Envy

How to Neutralize Your Social Media Envy

Most of us look at our social media feeds multiple times a day. We see other guys’ snapshots of what looks like a perfect life. Sometimes we feel jealous, or we get down on ourselves for not accomplishing as much. In this episode of Thursday Throwdown, I talk about how to neutralize your social media envy.

We all feel envy from time to time, especially when it comes to social media. It looks like some guys have a blissful, successful life, but this is an illusion. All of us have challenges and hardships. Life gets messy for everyone. The images we see on social media are only the highlight reels. You can’t judge your real life against the cherry-picked moments of others’ lives. Remind yourself:

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people.
  • Realize you’re only seeing a glimpse into a person’s life.



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