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The Matrix of Marriage with Larry Bilotta

So many men are married and miserable. The worst part about this is we accept it. We think that’s the way marriage is supposed to be. We can blame it on our spouse. We might say its because of our work, the kids, or the society we live in, but rarely do we look at ourselves.

Whether your marriage is in a rut, a rough patch, or a full-blown crisis, today’s episode will change everything you thought you knew about being married.

Marriage Coach Larry Bilotta is our guest. He is going to shift your perspectives about the core problems between husbands and wives using the movie The Matrix as an analogy. You will be shown the hidden dynamics of relationships and how you alone can save your marriage by changing your programming.

Will you take the blue pill or the red pill?

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Larry Bilotta

Larry Bilotta endured 27 years of hell in a marriage. In the 28th year, he fell in love with his wife. Now they’ve been married for over 43 years and are more solid than ever.

Why did he stay in an unhappy marriage for so long? What changed after 27 years for him to finally fall in love with his wife?

Larry constantly looked for answers on how to fix his unhappy existence. He was hungry to learn why he and his wife could not get it right. Finally, everything came together for him. He realized the source of the pain was not the relationship. It was much deeper than that.

What You’ll Learn

  • The real reason we stay married and miserable
  • Why men are in the dark and baffled as to what is wrong with their relationships
  • Why conventional techniques to fix relationships don’t work on some couples
  • Why marriages become troubled because of childhood pain
  • Why knowing what happened to you is more important than what happened to your relationship
  • What is “program possession”
  • How our programs possess us and make us do things we regret
  • How to tell who will leave the marriage first
  • How the personal pursuit of happiness has destroyed family
  • How men lose their wives’ hearts
  • How to get rid of your programs
  • Why your bad marriage has nothing to do with your wife
  • How to start saving your marriage by changing your energy
  • What intimacy really means
  • Why we do not have to get our wives involved with saving the marriage
  • How to become a “changer” instead of “reactor”
  • Why you must slow down time when you’re being attacked

[bctt tweet=”‘You’re wife is a reactor. If you bring gratitude, she’ll react to it. Likewise if it’s criticism and blame, she reacts to that.’ – @LarryBilotta #marriage #relationships #divorce #saveyourmarriage #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment” username=”gooddadprojct”]

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  1. Matrix marriage podcast is literally like matrix , I’m blown away thank you so much , I am going thru hard marriage at the moment but I am not giving up I’m just in foxhole right now because my lovely wife thinks that are relationship that can’t be fixed , because she has cheated, but It doesn’t bother me because I love her is that normal ?

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