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Respect: Why Men Struggle to Gain it from Women w/ Teresa Young

It is believed by many women, that when a man approaches her with the desire to be intimate, aka. “have sex”, that is all that the man wants, phisical release. And quite frankly, I would argue that is not the case. 

My guest, Teresa Young is one of the leading experts as it pertains to men getting the respect and appreciation and even the sex that men so much desire in relationships.

In her podcast, Teresa Young talks about shame-free marriage, relationship, co-parenting, and divorce stories that help YOU appreciate, respect, and better understand men.

She is the youngest of 3 and watched her father live as an emasculated man. She swore to herself that she did not want that. 

What You’ll Learn

5:32 Interview Begins

5:43 The Respected Man Name

Teresa Young tells us how she came up with the name. Turns out Teresa was in Arizona and she went up to a hill to pray. In that moment, the name came to her. She immediately got all platforms

7:45 Haters gonna hate

In the beginning on TikTok, Teresa says she would get a lot of haters, but that comes with the territory on that platform. Here and there, she will get some haters, but she ultimately gets messages that tell her how much she has helped relationships improve.

11:22 In a better place

Teresa Young tells a story of how she would sit on her daddy’s lap and he would tell her to not cry when he died, because he would be in a better place.

17:29 The influence of mom

As a child, Teresa Young went through a lot of changes and she saw that her father would be emasculated by her mother. She gives a few examples of how that would happen.

21:48 Bucked Teeth

Teresa Young narrates the story of her being inside her father’s truck while he went into bars to get drink.

26:03 Emasculating

Teresa tells her story of how in her 20’s she just followed on the steps of what she knew in the way she was treating her partner.

27:26 Respecting my man

Teresa Young’s Links

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