OAR Of A Revolution with Marc Roberge

Of A Revolution with Marc Roberge

We are pumped to have the lead singer of the band OAR (Of A Revolution) on the show today. Marc Roberge has been making music and touring with OAR for twenty years. Marc also is a husband and a dad. Find out what wisdom he learned from his own father, and how he develops his relationships with his wife and kids while living the rock n’ roll dream.

Marc Roberge and Of A Revolution

Marc Roberge grew up in the suburbs of DC as one of three boys. He hung out with a close-knit group of good kids who all partied together like in the movie Dazed and Confused. He started playing music with his first band in the 8th grade.

When he was getting ready to go to college, he and his bandmates chose the school with the most local bars. This wasn’t because they were looking for places to drink. They were looking for places to play.

They never had any serious aspirations to become famous. Their main goal was to become professional artists who lived to create. Then they got lucky and began to build a relationship with their audience and twenty years later, O.A.R. has a huge loyal fan base and has released 13 albums. Marc believes to make music for a living is the luckiest thing in the world. He admits it’s not easy to be a family man and a musician, but it’s worth it.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How Marc’s dad’s no-nonsense influenced him
  • Why doing more and talking less helps keep him in the present
  • How he and his wife have been together since college
  • How he keeps the relationship with his wife alive while he’s on the road
  • Why Marc loves classic sitcom dads
  • How he switches off when he is home from tour
  • What daily life is like in their household
  • The ‘not sappy’ reality of being away from the family
  • How to keep the family going while he’s gone
  • His writing influences
  • The inspiration for some of his most popular songs
  • How choosing one or two core beliefs helps keep you grounded

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