Letting Go of Resentment Toward Your Father

The Power of Letting Go of Resentment Toward Your Father with Cody McBroom

What type of father did you have growing up? How does it affect you as the man you are today? If you had a great dad, you’ll want to follow in his footsteps. But what if your dad didn’t give you what you needed? Will you fall into the same pattern or choose to change it?

Today’s dynamic guest is podcaster and founder of Boom Boom Performance, Cody McBroom. His dad was a workaholic who rarely spent time with the family, and Cody thought this meant his father didn’t care. Whenever anything went wrong in Cody’s life he would blame his dad.

As Cody got older, he began to notice that this grudge held him back in life. This inspired him to embark on a journey of self-improvement to reframe his life and transform his mindset.

Cody McBroom is now a successful, thriving entrepreneur and demonstrates the power of letting go of resentment toward your father or anyone else in your life.

He also shares his no-nonsense fitness and nutrition tips so you can build a foundation of health that will empower you to become your best self.

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Cody McBroom

Cody McBroom was a fat kid whose dad ran multiple companies for the oil industry. His father worked and traveled so much, Cody sadly doesn’t have many memories with him and he always resented his father for not being there.

Now Cody is twenty-six years old, going on fifty in his self-awareness. He has a business, a fiance, and a baby daughter. Taking on the role of a provider, he finally understands his father on a deeper level.

In the previous generation, men gauged their success by how much money they made. His dad thought he was doing his duty as a father by making enough income so that his wife could stay at home and his children could have whatever they wanted.

Cody now has the same urge to prioritize work, and has to constantly remind himself to put business away and be present with his family.

[bctt tweet=”‘Balance is bullsh*t. To say that I can split my time evenly across everything in my life and give equal attention constantly to everything, there’s no way to do that. Something is always going to take more focus at a certain time in your life.’—@Cody_BoomBoom #worklifebalance #dads #men #fathers #dadlife” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • Cody’s amazing journey of self-exploration
  • How he remains open to personal growth
  • How to let go of ego to tap into the emotional side to surmount what’s holding you back
  • The experience that brought him clarity and caused a complete mental shift when it came to judging his father and everyone else
  • Why his business took off when he was able to cultivate empathy
  • How he resented money because it took his dad away from him
  • How he accepted money as a positive thing and allowed himself to enjoy it
  • Why he believes work life balance is a myth
  • How he keeps moving forward at incredible speed
  • How to use coaches as a shortcut and see immediate results in fitness, business, and relationships
  • Why you don’t need to be an extremist to get fit
  • His drilled-down, essential health tips for men
    • Making a green drink every morning – for the placebo effect
    • Moving in the morning – why it’s better to exercise before work
    • Tracking nutrition – acknowledging that you’re putting crap in your body
    • Investing in coaching – using the power of accountability
  • How to set up for a good New Year in December


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