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David and Colton Chorpenning – What the F*ck is Next?

David and Colton Chorpenning are a father and son duo of authors. Together, they have written a brand new book called “What the F*ck is Next” which offers a multi-generational analysis of how to refocus intentions to achieve personal goals. Their philosophy emphasizes the importance of intention, action, self-reflection, therapy, and creating meaningful connections with family. In this special Father’s Day episode of the Dad Edge Podcast, we explore their unique system to identify what the right next step should be in our lives.

One of the inspiring highlights of our conversation was Colton’s reflection on the key lessons he learned from his father. He recalled how David, a Midwesterner who sought adventure and became an outdoor enthusiast, ignited a similar love for the outdoors in his own life. From hiking to golfing, this passion is something that continues to fuel Colton today.

On the other hand, David shared how his children have continuously introduced him to new ideas and perspectives. Whether it’s an innovation in technology or a health tip, David appreciates how his relationship with his children has enriched his own life.

The Chorpennings believe in the power of intention. They’ve developed a three-step interactive workbook, a research-based method to help individuals figure out the right next step in their life. This tool aims to help people navigate the multitude of choices that the modern world presents and identify their path with clarity.

This Father’s Day, we are reminded that the relationship between fathers and children is not just about guidance but also about mutual learning, love, and respect. The story of David and Colton Chorpenning encourages us to embrace the journey of shared growth, to constantly learn from each other, and to focus on moving forward with purpose and intention.

Larry’s Takeaways

  1. Focus on success, not deficits.
  2. Reconnect with curiosity and appreciation.
  3. Intention without action is useless.

What You’ll Learn

00:00:00 Focus on what’s next.

00:10:47 The benefits of having kids.

00:15:09 Intention is key to success.

00:17:33 Intention without action is incomplete.

00:22:32 Intention to action process.

00:28:01 Focus on appreciative inquiry.

00:34:31 Focus on curiosity and appreciation.

00:41:18 Get to the essence.

00:42:53 Importance of self-reflection and therapy.

00:50:50 Create meaningful connections with family.

00:53:43 Make meaningful memories with family.

00:58:50 Share your birthday wish.







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