your super powers

Seeking Your Super Powers with Dr. Richard Shuster

What’s holding you back from becoming your best self?

What about your environment is keeping you from growing?

How can you assess your life and your abilities to discover your super powers?

Today we have Dr. Richard Shuster on the show. He is a Clinical Psychologist, Information Technology Expert, founder of a non-profit called Every Kid Rocks, and the host of The Daily Helping Podcast.

Dr. Shuster shares the story of the near fatal crash that radically shifted his aim in life. He discusses the destructive “trophy case” effect of the internet and what parents should and should not share about their family life on social media.

He also talks about how to create an environment that forces you to grow and how to do a comprehensive assessment of your life so that you can use your super powers to be part of the change process for others.

If the people around you are not singing the message you need to hear, then you need to change your circle.—Dr. Richard Shuster



Dr. Richard Shuster

In his early twenties, Richard Shuster was the Executive Director for an Information Technology consulting firm where he provided solutions for such clients as the United States Army, state agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. He had no interest in a wife and kids. He was after the dollar and believed he was on his way to becoming the next Tony Stark. It was everything he wanted, or so he thought.

One ordinary Saturday, Richard was in a near-fatal crash that broke his spine. The recovery process was long and grueling. During this period, he had time to reflect. He imagined if he had died and how his parents would react when they got that call. When he thought about this scene, he was filled with shame. He hadn’t accomplished anything meaningful in his life.

This lead him on the path to helping people in a larger way by doing social work and pursuing degrees in psychology to help abused children. He also began The Daily Helping Podcast, which is helping people to become the best version of themselves. He’s now married with two boys and committed to a life of service.

On top of that, Dr. Richard Shuster runs Every Kid Rocks, a charity that gives kids an extra little push to reach their full potential. He also has launched MARS Industries, a firm that offers personal and corporate assessments that transform lives.

What You’ll Learn

  • How his accident wiped away the layers of nonsense in his life
  • His mission to be part of the change process for others
  • His insights as a dad from working with sexually and physically abused children
  • How his podcast will leave hundreds of hours of his legacy behind for his sons
  • The deceptive “trophy case” persona people curate for the internet
  • How those who post the most self-aggrandizing content on social media are the least happy
  • How technology hinders our personal growth
  • How we create an online world that reinforces our viewpoint, even when it’s wrong
  • How this restricts our cognitive flexibility, preventing us from learning and growing
  • How to use social media without getting into the comparison trap
  • What about your personal and family life is appropriate to post on social media
  • Why you and your spouse must agree on boundaries about posting family pictures on the internet
  • How mirror neurons attract us to certain people
  • The miracle story of Richard’s son and how they overcame his developmental challenges
  • Why we need to break free from the grind and pursue something greater so our kids won’t settle for unhappiness
  • His 21 dimensional psychological assessment that will give you a report on how successful you are in life overall


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Dr. Richard Shuster’s Links

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