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How to Quit Your Job in 12 Months with Ryan Enk

Our financially-focused shows are among the most popular, and today’s show will blow you away. Most of think we have to wait till retirement to enjoy life. In the meantime, we might be slaving away at a job we hate or one that isn’t providing us with enough income for the lifestyle we’ve dreamed of.

But what would you do if money didn’t matter?

Today’s guest is Ryan Enk from He’s going to talk about passive income real estate investing, and you do not want to pass up this show. Even if you don’t have any savings, Ryan reveals the secrets of using other people’s money to invest in real estate, scaling that business upwards, and being able to quit your job in 12 months!

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Ryan’s Story

Ryan is a husband and the father to 5 boys. He has experienced many failures and successes, and he knows firsthand that the things we were taught about going to college and landing a 6 figure job don’t always work. He ended up with $60,000 of college debt and a teaching job that only paid $24,000 a year.

He was living in New Orleans at the time, and in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit. His wife was 8 months pregnant and their house was 6 ft. underwater. They lost everything and had to sleep in their car.

Ryan sought a higher paying job, but no one would hire him. He tried to start his own internet business, but that flopped too. He ended up in a corporate job selling copier machines. He remembers one particular day after work, driving over the New Orleans Causeway, when he thought about how he was wasting his talents and gifts. He was not coming home as a good husband and fathers. Worst of all, he was just above broke.

He became hungry for knowledge, and he learned as much as he could about real estate investing.

12 months later, he quit his job.

5 years later, he owns his own indoor sports arena.

[bctt tweet=”‘It became about how to pursue that dream, and the channel that gets you from here to there is to find a way to remove the formula of exchanging your time for money.’ – Ryan Enk @cashflowdadlife #dreams #goals #finance #money #retirement #family #legacy #passiveincome” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • How to get started in passive income real estate investing from zero
  • The 3 elements need to succeed:
    • Mindset
    • Skills
    • Scalability
  • How to quit your job after 4-10 real estate deals
  • How to use business credit cards to buy property
  • Other hidden sources of capital
  • The biggest challenge in getting started in passive income real estate investing
  • Common misconceptions about real estate investing
  • How the typical person has a million dollars of untapped money to invest
  • The difference between quick nickel (flipping) and slow dime (rental) oppotunities
  • How to become ‘the bank’ with owner financing
  • What happens if someone doesn’t pay when you owner finance
  • Why it’s important to find your ‘why’ to grow a sustainable, successful passive income business
  • Why Ryan now says the best thing for him was firing himself as his own boss

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