Insurance Coverage: 3 Areas You May Have Overlooked with Dan the Insurance Man

Most of us never read our entire insurance policy. Even if we did, would we understand it? How do we know if we have the best policy for our homes, assets, and automobiles? Do we know how much insurance we really need to cover ourselves in the event of a catastrophe? And how do we protect ourselves from lawsuits, accidents, and identity theft? On today’s Thursday Throwdown, I have Dan “The Insurance Man” Luigs to talk about areas we may have overlooked in our insurance coverage.

  1. 60-70% of people are underinsured. Do you know if you’re one of them?

  2. What’s an umbrella policy and how can it protect you?

  3. How can you protect yourself when your identity is stolen, or how can you lock it down so that it can never be stolen at all?

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