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We Have a Choice with Andre Le Brocquy

Andre Le Brocquy

Andre is a husband, father, certified life coach, and Alliance Mastermind member. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, and has lived in New York and London, where he currently resides. Andre is the founder of The Life Couch, in which he coaches people to become the best version of themselves. Andre has bounced around careers from acting to personal training, Andre has been there and done that. However, he found very little fulfillment in those careers. He knew he wanted to help people and it wasn’t until his later years when he discovered his true passion for coaching. Andre describes his coaching style as upfront and honest; he doesn’t beat around the bush. However, he has found this helps his clients grow both mentally and emotionally. Andre is currently providing online coaching on his website, personal training workouts on YouTube, and performs voice-overs on the side.

Today, Andre talks to us about making the choice to become a better person. No matter what our past is, how we were brought up, or the adversity we faced, we still have a choice. We can’t place blame and become victimized by the things that happened to us when we were kids. Andre dives into his childhood and how he came into his current career. As you will see during this podcast, Andre would be considered an “old soul.” He is wise beyond his years and provides valuable insight into how we can take control of our lives to become the person we were meant to be.

What You’ll Learn: 


Andre shares why he joined the Mastermind community.


Andre talks about his childhood and his father.


Andre talks about his father over the years from past to present.


Andre talks about his father’s mental state during his childhood.


Andre advises men who are working hard but also want to have a positive relationship with their kids.


Andre talks about what he would say to his dad if his dad were 40 years old.


Andre tells us he would then ask the question of “why are you so scared?”


Andre talks about what he does in his life to show up in the best way possible for his children.


Andre talks about what he hopes to accomplish by the end of his life.


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Andre La Brocquy





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