Video Game, Porn, and Social Media Addiction with Cam Adair

Dad Edge Alliance Q&A: Video Game, Porn, and Social Media Addiction with Cam Adair

Technology is changing our lives and habits more quickly than ever before in history. We live a life of instant gratification and constant entertainment. Smart phones, tablets, and computers enrich our lives in many ways, but they can also be overstimulating and keep us from interacting with the real world. What can we do for ourselves and our families to prevent video game, porn, and social media addiction?

We had Cam Adair on last week to talk about the epidemic of gaming disorder. This topic is so important and we as a society are just beginning to understand the implications. And it’s not just video games. Pornography and social media can alter our brain chemistry in the same destructive ways. We asked Cam back to do a live Q&A session with the Dad Edge Alliance so real dads could share their concerns about raising kids in the digital age.

[bctt tweet=”‘I realized that if I never quit gaming I would never do anything else.’—@camerondare #gaming #gamingdisorder #addiction #videogames #kids” username=”gooddadprojct”]

[bctt tweet=”‘…that’s tragedy in this technology conversation. We’re not giving these kids the opportunity to just be kids, to have to figure it out and learn how to play.’—@camerondare #kids #children #parenting #techonolgy” username=”gooddadprojct”]

What You’ll Learn

  • The immersive powers of video games and the internet
  • Why kids go into meltdown mode when you take their devices
  • How to give kids the chance to develop skills to interact with the environment and people around them.
  • Strategies to control technology use outside the house or when coparenting:
    • Develop relationships that make it comfortable to have the tech conversation
    • Come up with ideas of other things kids can do without technology
    • Inspire your kids to take charge of thinking of alternative activities to do with their friends
    • Controlling duration and frequency of screen exposure
  • How gaming can be a gateway to pornography addiction
  • The effect of violent video games on children’s minds
  • The shocking statistic: the first viewing of porn starts at the age of 8 and regular porn viewing begins at age 11
  • How porn, gaming, internet, and social media are all linked to digital addiction
  • The harmful sexualization of women in games and media
  • The structural brain changes that occur in regular gaming, social media, and porn
    • Numbed pleasure response
    • Hyper reactivity
    • Willpower erosion
  • The detox symptoms such as cravings, anxiety, boredom
  • Why binging makes the problem worse.
  • Why the lack of a father figure is a huge risk factor for violence
  • Why empathy is stunted by gaming
  • The dangerous myth that gaming friends aren’t “real” friends
  • How to regulate screen time when schools are pushing techonology
  • How to be intentional about screen time in your home
    • Being open and honest
    • Keeping devices in a visible, central area of your home
    • Taking conversations about technology outside the home and away from the computer
    • Apps that help regulate screen time
    • Getting a your kid a flip phone instead of a smart phone
  • Why you need to be okay about allowing your kids to go through the process of being bored
  • Why you shouldn’t use technology to engage with your kids
  • Why entertainment leads to entitlement
  • How to empower kids to take control of their screen time
  • How to keep your kid’s playful spirit and love of the outdoors
  • 3 things you need to do to be proactive about gaming and screen time
    • Be aware of you own emotional experience
    • Encourage your kids to create instead of consume. Programming, designing,
    • Take action when you see red flags. It’s so much easier to prevent it than to try to find a way to deal with it once it becomes a problem.
  • How to help boys specifically

[bctt tweet=”‘Playing violent video games doesn’t mean you’re going to be the next school shooter. It does mean that you’re being desensitized, and that can be a risk factor.’—@camerondare #gaming #gamingdisorder #violence #isolation ” username=”gooddadprojct”]


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