Breaking Free from Your Default Life with Matt Aitchison
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Breaking Free from Your Default Life with Matt Aitchison

Are you leading a rich life? Or are you drifting without intention, just trying to make it through the day? If you think there is more for you than what you have now, this show is for you.

Wealth is our topic today. We’re not talking about the usual definition of wealth, but what it means to you. To some people, having a happy, healthy family is wealth. To others, it’s freedom. To many, it’s the sports cars and big houses. But it doesn’t matter what your dream life is if you’re not thinking and acting in a way that gets you results.

Today’s guest is Matt Aitchison. He is the creator of The Rich Life Academy and host of the Millionaire Mindcast. “Matty A” is here to talk about breaking free from your default setting by auditing every aspect of your life and reengineering it so that you will exceed beyond the present identity you have for yourself.

We as human beings will never exceed or excel beyond the identity we have for ourselves.

Matt Aitchison and The Rich Life Academy

Matt Aitchison is a millennial entrepreneur, a 7-figure real estate investor, speaker and avid adventurist. Most importantly he is a proud husband and father to two beautiful girls who make his live a whole lot richer.

After some huge mistakes early in his life, Matt was determined to change his trajectory. He always dreamed of living a big life. He wanted to be financially free, make a difference in peoples’ lives, travel frequently, and have a bunch of fun while doing it all.

He decided that entrepreneurship would be his vehicle to unlock the life he always dreamed of. Now he is passionate about helping people design an intentional way of living that creates abundance and wealth, whatever that means to the individual.

If you identify yourself as a grinder, that’s all you’ll ever be.

What You’ll Learn

  • What are the main drivers for the pursuit of wealth
  • The amount of mental real estate worrying about financial security takes up
  • What holds most men back from taking time to step into a better life
  • How we mistake movement for achievement
  • Why a lack of clarity keeps men stuck in a default life
  • How to make a detailed vision of your future and reverse engineer your path to success by breaking it down into smaller goals
  • How to make sure you’re not opting in to things by default
  • Protecting your time as a parent
  • Why some men are proud of being miserable
  • How hoarding responsibility puts a strain on your relationships and keeps you stuck
  • Asking yourself the right questions
  • How to start on your dreams when you feel like you have no time
  • The R.I.C.H. Life Audit
    • R–relationships, personal and professional
    • I–income and investment
    • C–community and contribution
    • H–health: mental, physical, and spiritual
  • How to redesign your ecosystem of friends and mentors
  • How to do a time audit of your weekly activity
  • How “busy” is the new “lazy”
  • Why we get distracted and overwhelmed and flow into things that do not serve us
  • How to play the game of life at a higher level
  • The smart, small choices you can make every day that will add up over time

Don’t confuse your current circumstance with who can become and what you can achieve.

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