Becoming a High Performing Leader with Jake Blanchard

A father, husband, business consultant, and high performance coach — Jake is determined to leave a lasting impact.   

He is the owner of a management consulting firm —Delta Perspective, LLC  and has done program management, process improvement, change management and business strategy most of my career.   

He is passionate about solving problems, exploring new opportunities, and maintaining a positive and persistent mindset. 

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What You’ll Learn

6:35 Explaining “Show me a great Man who’s the son of a great man”.

Jake explains the meaning behind that controversial quote

8:18 Why the world is starving for great men

Jake Blanchard dives a bit into why the current state of the world is in a dire need of great men

11:46 Complacency

Jake tells his story about him not being the leader he wanted to be and at one point just being complacent with what most think is the “dream”.

14:14 Modern day Knight Program

Jake shares his experience of being part of the first class of this 75 hour intensive program and what it took to get through it.

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