The Anatomy of Marriage
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The Anatomy of Marriage Part 1: The Woman’s Side

How is marriage supposed to work? We have never been taught, and when things start derailing, we have no idea what to do.

This show was planned for a later date, but it is too good and too relevant to hold onto. The pandemic has heightened the level of stress in our lives and in our relationships. Many couples are struggling to navigate through these challenging times.

So today we have marriage expert and coach,Melanie Studley with us. She’s the cohost of the Anatomy of Marriage podcast and co-creator of the Anatomy of Marriage app.

Melanie dissects the most common issues between a man and a woman. She tells us what our spouses really think and feel when we watch porn. Melanie also explains the underlying anatomy of a marriage and gives us a formula to communicate our needs and desires as men in a confident, calm and masculine way.

So simple and so powerful, don’t miss the pro tips in this episode!

Melanie Studley’s Story

A Marriage Counselor is supposed to know it all, they are supposed to have the tools and the skills to navigate the ups-and-downs of relationships, but 11 years ago we hit rock bottom.

Seth confessed to lying and looking at Pornography and so I gave him a black eye…

We had two little boys, 15 months and 2 weeks old, and we were completely lost. Deep down we both wanted our marriage to work, so after months of tearing each other apart we turned our attention to healing our broken marriage. But… we couldn’t find ANY marriage resources for IMPERFECT, BROKEN AND MESSY PEOPLE!

We started on our journey anyway and eventually began healing, then we decided to turn our mess into our message and to create the resources that we wish we had during the HARDEST PARTS of our marriage. With over 2.5 Million downloads of our Podcast, and listeners all over the world, our raw vulnerability, practical tools and real help for real couples is making much larger impact than we could have ever dreamed!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Most couples have no idea how to handle it when things go wrong in marriage, which it inevitably does from time to time.
  • The genesis of Melanie’s career as a marriage coach started in the pit of dysfunction.
  • Melanie didn’t understand herself, how relationships worked, and the whole point of marriage.
  • Why porn makes women feel that they are not good enough.
  • Think it through next time you want to consume pornography. What if your kids find it on your phone?
  • Children who are exposed to pornography are too young to know what it means, and it plants the seeds of sexual dysfunction.
  • Instead of giving restless energy away to porn, funnel it into positive things.
  • What men get wrong in sexuality—they have the power to make their wife feel like a goddess.
  • Porn is like kryptonite. It takes away your sexual superpowers.
  • Many men are quietly pissed off in their marriage but refuse to speak up. They don’t know what to say or how to say it.
  • Women want to be fiercely independent, yet most women are also wired to want to be there to help their husbands.
  • Men just want women to be happy, but they neglect the important things.
  • When men are frustrated, they shut themselves down until they break down.
  • Don’t wait to tell your wife when you don’t like something, are angry, or disagree with her.
  • Don’t let the pressure build up. If things are already set to explode, don’t take the lid off all at once.
  • Get in the habit of small conversations all the time to make sure you’re on the same page.
  • The “Clearing Structure”–a hyper-empowered way to express your feelings and offer solutions without your partner getting defensive.
  • King and Queen always link together. Be each other’s heroes.
  • Approach conflicts with a positive energy, not a submissive or negative one.
  • Conversation starters release the tension around things you didn’t even know were bothering you.
  • Communication doesn’t have to be complicated.

Download the Anatomy of Marriage app.
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Melanie Studley and the Anatomy of Marriage





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